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In this section you will be able to consult the questions that our clients ask us most frequently. If you can't find the answer to your question, don't worry, contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.. - Carlos Santillana (Sales Manager)

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Licenses (Types of licenses, Limits of use...)


What is the difference between the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and API plans?

Borja (Spain) - 2020-10-10

Carlos Santillana (Sales Manager)

Hello Borja

It's simple, the difference between the Basic plan and the Intermediate plan with the Advanced plan is that the latter includes:

- The Automatic Registration/Deregistration system.
- You can import contacts from your Whatsapp conversations.
- You can comply with the GDPR automatically.

You can see the features of each plan on the pricing page. If you contract a plan, for example the Basic one, try it for a few days and detect that you also need the Registration/Deletion module, you can change the plan for free .

The Api Plan is for software development companies, it allows you to integrate your applications through our Api and thus be able to send whatsapps from the CRM, apps, etc... that you are marketing.

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Do I have to pay for each whatsapp sent or is it a flat rate?

Luis (Mexico City) Pizzeria - 2019-06-01

Emma García (Technical Assistance)

Hello Luis, the license includes a flat rate, you don't have to pay anything else, you will be able to send the whatsapp you want without additional costs.

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When I buy a license, can I use wachatbot on several devices (PC, Mac, Ipad, tablet, cell phones, etc,...) with the same number?

Francisco (Peru) Car rental - 2021-10-10

Cris Johansson (Marketing)

Yes, there is no limit to the number of devices you can use wachatbot on, but remember that our application is based on whatsapp web and as of today September 29, 2022, whatsapp allows simultaneous login on up to 5 simultaneous devices at the same time to use the same number, 4 whatsapp web and 1 cell phone the whatsapp app.

You will be able to use whatsapp web and wachatbot on up to 10 devices simultaneously to use the same number, in addition to 2 cell phones. This update was announced last May to launch after the summer.

You can use wachatbot on windows, mac, android and linux, computer, laptop, ipad or tablet.

If you want to get faster sending speed, you can send from several licenses with different numbers, we recommend you to consult your wachatbot agent for the pros and cons of this operation.

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Compatibilities (Mac, Linux, Whatsapp Web...)


Can I use your program on a MAC?

Juan Carlos (Madrid, Spain) Graphic designer - 2019-12-07

Ben Fischer (IT Development Manager)

Hello Juan Carlos, yes it is compatible with MAC, Windows and Linux, you only need a Chrome or compatible browser (Edge, Brave, etc...) to start using it.

At the moment our wachatbot whatsapp marketing solution is the only one on the market compatible with MAC, Windows and Linux.

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I have used other similar programs and once installed, either I could no longer use the official WhatsApp app on my mobile, or I could not use the WhatsApp web on my PC. Does the same happen with your solution?

Paola Romero (Valencia, Spain) - 2021-07-03

Alberto Duque (Technical Assistance)

Hello Paola, you are not the first to ask us this question, and as you say other applications require you to stop using the WhatsApp web or even the mobile app, but with our system you will be able to continue using both versions without any problem.

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Import of Contacts and Groups


How can I upload to Wachatbot the contacts that I have in my calendar or in my database, do I have to create them manually or is there a way to do it automatically?

Nicolás (Colombia) Businessman - 2020-02-01

Ana Santilla (Commercial)

Hello Nicolás, you don't need to create them one by one, you can load all your contacts using an EXCEL file or with the option to import from Google Contacts.

If you don't have access to export them as an excel from the database where you save them, nor do you have them in the Google Contacts, don't worry, we also have the option of automatically creating your contact list from WhatsApp conversations with our "Search" tool.

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Is there a limit to the number of contacts I can upload to Wachatbot?

Ana (Asturias) Freelance - 2019-08-01

Emma García (Technical Assistance)

Hello Ana, there is no limit to the number of contacts you can upload to Wachatbot

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How do I add a contact to a group, do I have to do it manually or can groups be created automatically using excel?

Jorge Moragas (Madrid, Spain) Multinational Insurance - 2019-11-12

Ben Fischer (IT Development Manager)

Hello Jorge, if you upload the contacts through an excel you can automatically add them to a new group or to an existing group, for this you simply have to add one more column with the name of the target group.

If you want to use this option, we will send you an example excel with the columns to cover, and if you have any questions, we will help you create them.

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Automatic Responses (Bot)


How do I manage new customers, do you have an automatic register for new registrations, and for unsubscribe?

Andrea Martínez (Sevilla, Spain) Online store - 2021-05-30

Carlos Santillana (Sales Manager)

Hello Andrea, Wachatbot automatically registers new clients in the group indicated when it detects a new message with a certain format, for example: Register Name_of_Group.

If the name of the group is not indicated, it is added to the default group "General", for example if it only sends "Register".

When a user wants to stop receiving messages, they just have to send "STOP", for example, and the system automatically blocks them and send them an unsubscribe message.

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How do I get my clients to send me the sign-up message on Whatsapp so that I can send them campaigns?

Enrique Ortiz (Viña del Mar, Chile) Padel Club - 2020-01-21

Cris Johansson (Marketing)

Hello Enrique, that depends on the type of business you have, what we usually do is create a link with the registration text, the name of the group and the WhatsApp number that you are going to use. You can also create it directly using, for example, the web Postcron.com

Thus, for the telephone "55555555" and the text "REGISTER Group01" we would obtain the following link: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=55555555&text=Register%20Group01

Once you have the link to your WhatsApp channel, you can put it directly on your website as a link, or if you have a local where you serve your clients (store, clinic, etc...) we recommend that you transform the url into a QR code and put it on a advertising poster, so your customers can easily scan it. To generate the QR you can use, for example, the web The QRCode Generator

Other clients also launch email or SMS campaigns to their clients with the link to their WhatsApp channel in the text.

There are multiple ways, but don't worry because we will be there to advise you personally, and indicate which strategy is the best for your business based on the experience accumulated thanks to the several years that we have been working with WhatsApp solutions, and the large number and variety of businesses that have opted for our product.

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Can I change the messages for register and unsubscribe or are they predefined?

Franciso (Ceuta, Spain) Wholesale trader - 2019-07-08

Alberto Duque (Technical Assistance)

Hello Francisco, of course, the registration and cancellation messages are editable at all times.

In addition to these SigningUp/Unregister messages you can also create automatic responses for the keywords that interest you, create and modify predefined responses and automatic messages that will jump when they write to you outside business hours.

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Apart from the 'Register' and 'Unsubscribe' messages, is it possible to create other automatic response messages?

Laura (Portugal) - 2019-12-02

Ana Santilla (Commercial)

Yes, the system allows you to configure the following automatic response messages:

- The response to the Alta message
- The response to the Baja message
- The reply message if you write to us outside business hours
- We can also create our own automatic response messages, using the activation words and responses we need.

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Quick Responses


Do you have any template systems so I don't have to write my clients the same text over and over again?

Ainhoa (Guipúzcoa) Academy of Online Courses - 2020-05-04

Ben Fischer (IT Development Manager)

Hello Ainhoa, we do have them and we call them "Quick Response", this option allows you to create text templates that you can select in a similar way to choosing an emoticon, in this way you will not have to write frequent messages over and over again.

These answers, unlike the "Automatic" ones, require you to press the send button manually, since you can edit part of the text to personalize it (the name of the client, the date, etc...)

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How do I send a campaign to my clients? Can I send photos and videos with Wachatbot?

Andrés Torres (Paraguay) - 2019-06-07

Cris Johansson (Marketing)

Hello Andrés, yes you can send photos and videos without problem, you can also send documents if you wish.

All licenses are compatible with this shipping system.

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Can I create new campaigns by uploading an excel without having to download the contacts previously?

Sonia Huerta (Argentina)- 2020-03-03

Emma Garcia (Technical Assistance)

Hello Sonia, yes, you can also create "excel campaigns" without having to previously upload the contacts and create the groups, you can also define up to 6 variables to customize the text of the message.

We will send you an example excel and we will help you create your own.

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Can I send personalized messages?

Carlos - 2021-06-21

Carlos Santillana (Sales Manager)

That's right Carlos, when you create the campaign you can indicate keywords (NAME, etc..) and make your messages totally personalized.


Hello NAME,...

When sending to each client, that keyword would be replaced by its name

Hello Mary,...

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What is the speed of sending the messages?

Ana (Colombia) Public organization - 2020-10-08

Ben Fischer (IT Development Manager)

Hello Ana, the maximum sending speed is about 3 seconds per message for text-only messages, and about 6-7 seconds for image/video messages, that is, sending text-only messages is about 1,200 messages/hour, and if they are images/videos about 600 messages/hour, but it will also depend on the capabilities of the mobile (memory, processor power, etc...) and the PC, these are reference data but each client configuration may vary depending on the power of the mobile and PC you have to work with.

Videos sent as a link to Vimeo (or other online video platform) are sent at the speed of a text message.

You can also limit the sending speed, you have several speeds to choose from.

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Does the software generate reports?

Wifiel Molinares (Manta, Ecuador) Ambacar Manta - 2021-04-21

Carlos Santillana (Sales Manager)

Yes, we know how important it is to have data that helps your business, so the campaigns generate activity reports that can be consulted via the web or downloaded in Excel format in which the list of customers to whom the message was sent, the date and time, etc... appears so that you can analyze the results and improve future campaigns.

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With Wachatbot can I comply with the European RGPD regulation, and the Spanish LSSI and LOPD laws?

Ana Hermida (Lleida, Spain) Marketing company - 2020-08-11

Emma García (Technical Assistance)

It is correct Ana, in Spain there is the LSSI law (LAW 34/2002) that in its article 21 prohibits unsolicited commercial communications or that were not expressly authorized. To comply with the LSSI, the client must be the one who initiates the conversation, for example by sending an activation word to our number, for example, "hiGH", at this moment Wachatbot detects it and answers a message indicating to the new client who from that moment will receive notifications from us via Whatsapp

To comply with the LOPD and the RGPD regarding the right to delete your personal data, it is achieved through another keyword that is established, for example, if you send the message "LOW". At that moment, Wachatbot detects that the client wants to unsubscribe and automatically removes his profile from the system, preventing that client from receiving future communications, and responding that he has successfully unsubscribed. We recommend Wachatbot clients from Spain to add a sentence at the end of each communication indicating the way in which the client can unsubscribe and stop receiving notifications.

Our program saves a record of the date and time in which the users sent the subscription and/or cancellation messages, in the event that a problem arises with a dissatisfied user because they are receiving unwanted communications, this information could be consulted to clarify it.

If you want to see how you can make your customers send the word "Sign up" to your Whatsapp number, you can take a look the question #10

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Can I become a software reseller?

Cristobal (Mexico) - 2021-09-13

Carlos Santillana (Sales Manager)

If it is possible to become a distributor, please contact the sales team for further details of the distributor service.

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