Automatic Message Sending Software and Chatbot

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✓ Program to automate whatsapp for companies.

✓ Application to send mass whatsapp messages from pc.

✓ Free and unlimited sending included in the monthly fee.

✓ Unique anti-blocking system for sending campaigns.

✓ Create Chatbot menu of your infoproducts.

✓ Automatic responses.

✓ Automatic generation of databases from social networks, by publishing links segmented databases are created in wachatbot for sending campaigns.

✓ Program for whatsapp and whatsapp business messages with extension from whatsapp web.

✓ Customer service software for whatsapp.

✓ Whatsapp customer service software.

✓ Multi-agent chat manager.

✓ Multi-agent chat manager.

✓ Multi-agent chat manager.

✓ Simultaneously manage the same number from 4 devices.

✓ Unlimited agents.

✓ API integration whatsapp messages with crm and all languages.

✓ Easy to use and intuitive.

✓ Agent assigned for installation, support and startup.

✓ Continuous support for advice on creation of campaigns, messages and databases.

✓ Support by whatsapp, call, audio, video, connection to your computer and tutorial video channel.

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Our Experience

We have more than 7 years of experience developing Digital Marketing solutions for Whatsapp. “Our team of professionals has been developing different solutions for Whatsapp for more than 7 years. Wachatbot is the result of the experience we have accumulated during all this time. Discover how Wachatbot can help you manage your Whatsapp channel in a simple way.” - Luis Novoa, Verne Global Solutions CEO

Some of the Clients we have Worked with

University of PueblaMéxico

Banplus BankVenezuela

Online EducationSpain

EXEL BiocosmeticsArgentina

R.C.D. MallorcaSpain

Elche Club de FútbolSpain

Club Cerro PorteñoParaguay

Sports CenterEcuador

Restaurant ChainMéxico

Enzacta CosmeticsMéxico

Medical CenterSpain


Online Education



Agencia de Publicidad y MarketingMéxico

Sweatshirts MickeySpain

Marketing AgencySpain

.. and Many More Want to Be Next?

Discover what Wachatbot can do for You

Wachatbot by Verne Analytica

With Wachatbot you will be able to send whatsapp messages to your contact list automatically, but you will also have at your disposal...


Create automatic responses to improve communication with customers.


You will have at your disposal the best tools to manage conversations with your customers.

Anti-lock Systems

Wachatbot implements several mechanisms that allow you to comply with Whatsapp usage rules.

Unlimited Messages

You will be able to send as many messages as you need by contracting any of our licenses.

Besides Sending Automatic Messages to my Contacts what else can I do with?...

.. the Chatbot?

  • Manage Automatic Signups, when a new signup message is detected it automatically creates the contact and adds it to the corresponding group. More info
  • Manage Automatic Unsubscribes, when a unsubscribe message is detected, the contact is blocked from receiving further communications. More info
  • You can create your own Automatic Responses, and in addition to the additions and deletions you can configure an unlimited number of "keywords" with their associated response message. More info
  • You can set up an Out of Business Hours Message even if you don't have Whatsapp Business. More info

... with PowerTools?

  • Create Quick Responses (templates) that you can easily use without having to type the same message over and over again. More info
  • Send Personalized Messages in which parts of the message are automatically replaced with the data of each contact, for example, the name.More info
  • Access to Campaign Reports both online and by downloading them in excel format. They will allow you to see the status of each campaign in real time as well as to consult the data of campaigns already completed.More info
  • Import contacts from Excel, from Google Contacts or using our "Search" function that reads the entire conversation history and creates the contacts automatically.More info

Other Features

  • Multi-station, your company's agents will be able to manage conversations from several workstations at the same time. More info
  • Multi-Agent Conversation Management, Wachabot allows you to create as many accounts as you need for your customer service agents. Once logged into your post with your account, an agent will be able to assign a series of tags and notes to your customers' Whatsapp conversations to keep track of the conversation and see what status it is in: customers pending to be attended, customers being attended and the agent who is attending them, customers who have already had their query resolved, etc.More info
  • Compatible with PC, MAC and Tablet More info
  • Unlimited message sending More info
  • You keep your Whatsapp number (and Whatsapp Web), you will continue working with Whatsapp as before but with better tools. More info
  • You can have several Whatsapp numbers running on the same account at the same time. More info
  • System to reduce the possibility of number blocking
  • Api for CRM IntegrationMore info
  • Advice for compliance with European GDPR and other national legislation. More info
  • And much more... contact us for more information.

1Send Messages to all your Contacts Automatically

With Wachatbot you can automate the sending of whatsapps to your list of contacts, configure the sending speed and modify the content of the message even if the campaign is active. You can send text, photos, videos, etc... whatever you need.

View Sample Campaign Mailing

Automatically send Whatsapps to all your Contacts with Wachatbot
Import your contacts from Excel, Google Contacts or directly from your Whatasapp conversations.

2Multi-agent Conversation Management

Your agents will be able to manage from different workstations the whatsapp conversations that arrive to your customer service number. Agents will be able to add to the conversations: status, tags and notes which will be used to track each of the conversations, to know which agent processed it and the point at which it is: pending, query resolved, attending, etc...

View Multi-Agent Management Example

3Automatic Registration and Termination System

Automatically organize and segment all your WhatsApp contacts. Wachatbot processes registrations by creating the contact and assigning it to its target group. It also processes unsubscribes automatically blocking those contacts for future communications.

See an Example of Automatic Additions and Removals

Wachatbot will create the contacts and groups for you with the automatic registration and deregistration system.
Respond to your customers with a single click

4Quick Responses

You can create text templates and select them with a simple click. With Quick Responses you won't have to write the same message over and over again, speeding up communication with your customers.

View a Sample Quick Response

5Personalized Messages with each Contact's data

You can add keywords to your messages to personalize them automatically with the customer's data (e.g. name). If you don't receive them with our predefined variables, you can upload campaigns from an excel file with the variables you need. You will have access to sample excel templates and we will help you create your first campaigns.

See Campaign Example with Custom Text

See an example of Excel Campaigns with Custom Variables

Wachatbot allows you to send personalized texts to each customer automatically.
With Wachatbot you can quickly create your own Whatsapp Chatbot.

6Automatic Responses

Create your own Whatsapp chatbot quickly and easily. Define all the trigger words/phrases you need and the associated response messages. Wachatbot will do the rest.

See an example of Automatic Responses

7GDPR Compliance

If your customers live in Europe you must adapt the use of Whatsapp to the European GDPR regulations. With Wachabot you will be able to communicate with your customers in Europe in compliance with current legislation. We advise you for free to configure Wachatbot and the rest of your Whatsapp communications to comply with the requirements of the GDPR.

+More info

We advise you to comply with GDPR, LSSI and LOPD in your Whatsapp communications.
Import your contacts from Excel, Google Contacts or directly from your Whatasapp conversations.

8Importing Contacts from Multiple Sources

You can import your contacts from Excel, from Google Contacts, or directly from open Whatsapp conversations using our automatic contact tracking and creation system with tool "Search".

View Example of how to Import Contacts from Excel

9Wachatbot API for Developers

Connect Wachatbot with your CRM, ERP or any other custom program and send messages with your company's WhatsApp number. Integrate Wachatbot Api with C#, Java, PHP, Python and other WEB languages.

+More info

Wachatbot Api for C#, Java, PhP, Python and other WEB languages.

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Wachatbot is present in many countries, we currently have customers in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, United Kingdom, Spain, USA, Namibia, India, etc...

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