Wachatbot - Multi-Agent Whatsapp Manage your Whatsapps conversations from multiple workstations at the same time

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Use Multiple Agents to Serve Your Customers via Whatsapp

Add Tags, Notes and Status to whatsapp chats


You can add tags to conversations that serve to transmit to other agents and administrators information about that conversation. By default you have at your disposal predefined tags and if you need you can also create your own.


You can leave notes associated with a chat that will help you or other agents during customer service and in the future.

States and Agents

An agent can mark a conversation indicating that he is attending a customer and in which status it is: On Hold, Attending, Finished, Redirected to another department, etc... so other agents can easily select the next conversation to attend without having to open one by one the pending chats.


Agents and Agent-Administrators have at their disposal the history of actions carried out with a client, indicating the date and the agent who carried it out.

...And much more!

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